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New Report Calls for Increased Regulation to Address Money-Laundering in Canada

This week, CBC News is reporting that lax regulations have made Canada a prime location for money laundering. These headlines come in the wake of a recent report issued by well-known policy think-tank C.D. Howe Institute titled “Why We Fail to Catch Money Launderers 99.9 percent of the Time” in which the Institute highlights ways in which Canada has been deficient in fighting money laundering. Why Money… Read More

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Cameco Awarded More than $10 Million in Legal Fees After Decade Long Dispute with the CRA

Canadian resource company Cameco, one of the world’s largest producers of uranium fuel, recently announced that it would be receiving $10.25 million in costs after a protracted battle with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) over alleged tax evasion. Some Background The dispute began when the CRA questioned Cameco’s corporate structure following the company’s reorganization in the late 1990’s. At issue was whether Cameco used a Swiss subsidiary, Cameco Europe Ltd. (CEL) as a means of… Read More

Malicious prosecution

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CRA Successful in Appeal of $1.7 Million Malicious Prosecution Case

We’ve previously blogged about a ground-breaking decision in which the B.C Supreme Court ordered the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to pay more than $1 million in damages for the malicious prosecution of two British Columbia business owners who the agency had claimed had engaged in tax evasion. Since then, the CRA appealed that decision, and the B.C. Court of Appeal recently overturned it. Now, after more than a decade-long battle with… Read More

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CRA Continuing Investigations into Canadians Linked to Panama Papers and Paradise Papers

We have previously blogged about the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA’s) increased crackdowns on the use of offshore tax shelters. Previously, the CRA was focused primarily on Canadian taxpayers who had been implicated in the Panama Papers leak, including search warrants executed as a result of the leak as well as the first Canadian investigated as a result of the now infamous leak of financial information. Now, Canadian news sources are reporting that the… Read More

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In a “Game Changing” Move, the CRA Seizes Property Following Sentencing for Tax Evasion

Earlier this fall, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) seized six rental properties as well as a car belonging to two Ottawa residents recently charged with tax evasion. This marks the first time that the “proceeds of crime” provisions of the Criminal Code were used in a situation of tax evasion. Until this case, these provisions have only been used in cases involving money laundering or suspected terrorist financing. What Happened? The two taxpayers in… Read More

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CRA Investigates First Canadian Mentioned in the Panama Papers

A Calgary businessman who is alleged to have evaded tax on more than $2.7 million in payments that were routed through the Cayman Islands is reportedly the first Canadian known to part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) criminal investigations into the Panama Papers.  While Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier has noted that the CRA has been conducting criminal investigations based on the Panama Papers leak, this is the first time that a… Read More

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Canada Plans to Crack Down on Offshore Tax Evasion

An inconspicuous section buried within an almost 80-page supplementary tax measures document in the federal government’s most recent budget may mean that confidential information about Canadian taxpayers could soon be shared with police and other authorities around the world. The government has noted its intention to provide police and tax authorities with enhanced powers to fight tax evasion and to advance international investigations into serious related crimes, including money laundering and terrorism financing. The annex… Read More