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Corporate Tax Planning

Recent Jump in Residents Moving from New England to Florida Following Tax Reform

Since the Trump administration’s introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, we have been regularly posting about the new legislation and the impact the tax reform has had on American taxpayers. This week we continue our blog series with a look at how the new tax law may have affected moving trends, particularly of residents from the northeastern states where there are higher taxes, to states such as Florida, which has… Read More

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Personal Tax Planning

Tax Changes in B.C Mean Stress for Long-Time Homeowners

The British Columbia budget recently revealed a school-tax increase that will calculate tax at 0.2 percent on property valued above $3 million and 0.4 percent on property valued above $4 million. A small group of long-term homeowners in British Columbia are claiming that they will not be able to afford the increase and that they may be forced to move as a result. This has led to mixed reactions. A Case Study Lynne Kent (aged… Read More