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The Taxpayer First Act: IRS Reform Legislation Passed by Senate

After initially being introduced more than a year ago, the Taxpayer First Act has been passed by the House and Senate. The legislation includes a variety of provisions intended to modernize the Internal Revenue Service across a wide range of critical areas including information technology, identity theft protection, and customer service. While it remains to be seen what happens next, it is widely believed that President Trump will sign the bill… Read More

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Corporate Tax Planning

New Legislation Requires Increased Transparency from Offshore Tax Havens

Last week, Britain’s House of Commons passed unprecedented legislation that will require owners of companies registered in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) to identify themselves in public databases. These jurisdictions have long been offshore tax havens where shell companies have sheltered money. That is now set to change with the new laws designed to “stem the global flow of ‘dirty money’”. A History of… Read More