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Couple Files Charter Claim Against CRA Over Costs of Surrogacy

A couple from Nova Scotia whose child was born via a surrogate earlier this year are pursuing a Charter challenge against the Canada Revenue Agency, on the basis that Income Tax Act treats parents of children born through surrogacy differently than adoptive parents, creating an inequality. The parents argue that the current provisions in the Act do not allow families using surrogates to recoup their legal and other costs. Surrogacy, Adoption, and Tax Credits in Canada… Read More

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Chinese Citizens Challenge B.C. Foreign Buyers Tax, Claiming Discrimination

A ground-breaking class action law suit testing the legality of the British Columbia government’s foreign buyers tax kicked off this week in a B.C. court. The claim argues that the tax on foreign buyers violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by targeting individuals “whose national origin is from an Asian country, a class of persons that have historically suffered discrimination in British Columbia.” The Foreign Buyers Tax The tax in question was… Read More