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Post-Secondary Canadian Esports Organization Forms

Sports & Entertainment
June 18, 2021

At Feigenbaum Law, we have an interest in the professional and collegiate sporting world, and this does not exclude esports, which have continued to make huge gains in mainstream acceptance over the last few years. We’ve blogged in the past about the inclusion of esports in US colleges, and we wanted to follow that up today with news of the launch of a Canadian Collegiate Esports League.

Formation of Canadian Collegiate Esports League

The news of the formation of the CCEL came late in May, and while not as formal as varsity programs in Canadian universities, it may be a step towards such a milestone. The CCEL’s website says its mission is to create an organization catering to players of all types of skill levels. This seems to indicate that its focused more on esports clubs rather than teams that would compete like those in traditional sports. However, the list of participating schools shows how widespread interest seems to be, with the following universities and colleges signed up:

  • University of Victoria
  • University of Windsor
  • Dalhousie University
  • Holland College
  • Mount Royal University
  • York University
  • McGill University
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Regina
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • University of Lethbridge
  • University of British Columbia Okanagan
  • University of Manitoba

Joni Richardson, the CCEL’s Commissioner and Intramural Programmer at the University of Victoria was quoted as saying, “The CCEL origins come from a simple fact, we are Canadian Schools and we know there is a unique Canadian voice and a unique Canadian perspective….we think the best we can give to esports is ourselves.”

Canadian college announces esports stadium

One of the schools not listed as a participant in the CCEL is St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario. However, a story published on EsportsInsider states that the college just announced its plans to construct a 15,000 square-foot esports facility on its campus. The stadium is reported to become the largest esports facility in the country.

St. Clair College’s Esports director, Shaun Byrne, “This new esports facility really is the last piece of the puzzle for us. We have top-tier academic, varsity and club esports programs, but now they will be able to intermingle under one roof allowing for an unparalleled degree of synergy.”

The facility plans to operate as more than just a place for teams to compete, but will also feature a classroom and a broadcast studio which can be used by the college’s Esports Administration and Entrepreneurship program.

St. Clair College said it plans to complete the construction of the building by January 2022.

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