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Divorce and related legal battles over division of property, spousal support, child support, and pension division can be emotionally and financially devastating. Without a well-developed plan, divorce can be difficult to navigate and full of potential liability. Individuals with significant assets, such as business owners and entrepreneurs, require a divorce strategy that incorporates both legal and tax considerations.

Through its dual discipline legal and tax practice, Feigenbaum Consulting provides comprehensive in-house divorce services that mitigate risk and minimize the financial impact faced by clients. Mark Feigenbaum and his dedicated team provide skilled advocacy and trustworthy legal advice to ease clients’ concerns and reduce their stress during the divorce process.

Grounds for Divorce

Divorce in Canada is governed by the federal Divorce Act. To obtain a divorce, a couple must establish that there has been a “breakdown in marriage”.

A breakdown in marriage can be established in one of three ways:

  • A couple has lived “separate and apart” for at least one year immediately prior to the divorce;
  • A spouse has committed adultery; or
  • A spouse has subjected the other spouse to mental or physical cruelty.

The most common way to establish a breakdown in marriage and obtain a divorce is to separate and remain separated for at least a year.

Divorce Considerations for Business Owners

Business owners and entrepreneurs have specific property division issues to address during their divorce. The division of a business is much different than the division of other significant assets, such as a pension, investments, or home. Property division involving business assets requires proactive planning and a focused legal strategy. Obtaining the assistance of a family lawyer with specific experience advising business owners helps protect business assets and ensures compliance with all applicable family laws.

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The team at Feigenbaum Consulting, led by Mark Feigenbaum, brings together years of litigation, corporate law, tax law, and accounting experience. The firm applies this multi-faceted experience to family law disputes to help clients move forward after the breakdown of a marriage while retaining as much financial stability as possible. 

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