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NCAA Compensation Heads To Supreme Court

Back in December, we wrote about the United States Supreme Court’s decision to hear a petition from the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA’s) regarding a US Circuit Court’s decision to uphold a lower court’s decision stating the NCAA could not put a cap on the compensation offered specifically to Division 1 football and basketball players. While the NCAA stated it is working on a plan to allow for compensation in some situations, the Supreme… Read More

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Esports Sponsorships Show Continued Growth

ESports, the name commonly applied to professional video gaming, has continued to grow in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in October, we blogged about how IBM was getting ready to enter the esports works. Recent sponsorship developments show that esports place within the mainstream entertainment market is not slowing down. PSV Esports sponsorships show the potential of the market As we mentioned in our October blog, esports have been garnering attention from major… Read More

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Canadian Film and Television Industry Pushes Ahead

Way back in April, we blogged about how the Canadian entertainment industry had re-started itself in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns. Since then, restrictions to the ability of professional athletes to travel has led to Toronto’s Blue Jays and Raptors to play their seasons in Florida. So far, the Canadian entertainment industry has been able to keep moving forward, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share how it’s been going. Canada’s film… Read More

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NHL Makes Its Return To Play During COVID-19

Throughout COVID-19 we have been keeping track of how professional and college sports have planned their return to play. With Major League Baseball’s season behind us, the NFL in the playoffs, and the NBA underway, the NHL was the last of the major pro sports to begin a new season. We’d like to take a moment this week to discuss how the NHL has planned their return to play and what lessons may be… Read More

Players in a SEC NCAA football game representing the compensation of student athletes

Cross-Border Tax Issues

Question Over NCAA Compensation Makes Its Way To Supreme Court

The compensation of college athletes in the United States has been a controversial topic that has picked up steam over the last few years. Just this week it was reported that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a petition from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) arguing that the organization should be able to continue to restrict athlete compensation. The appeal stems from a lower court decision that ruled in favour… Read More

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NBA Announces Plans for 2021, NHL Still in Discussions

There have been several updates since we last provided an overview of professional sporting leagues in Canada and the U.S. In the latest news, which we will discuss below, the NBA has firmed up its plans, though there special regulations in place for athletes on Canada’s only team, the Toronto Raptors. The NHL is a little further behind in their modified return to play. And in the meantime, the NFL is coming close to… Read More

Clemson Tigers football stadium

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College Sports Continue to Struggle in Light of COVID-19

We wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the state of professional sports in North America, With the NFL now the only active major professional league still playing, many sports fans are turning to US college sports for entertainment, but COVID-19 has continued to hamper these teams as well. We wanted to take a moment to check in on the problems being faced by this important feeder system to the professional leagues. Read More

The NFL logo against a backdrop of footballs representing NFL fallout from COVID-19

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Professional Sports Seasons Remain Undetermined

It has been a few weeks since we visited the world of professional sports and how they are operating through the COVID-19 pandemic. With the NHL and NBA playoffs over, discussions have begun as to when and how play will resume for their upcoming seasons. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is concluding their playoffs and the NFL appears to be struggling to keep their season afloat. NFL Play is off to a Rocky Start Unlike… Read More

An arena where an esports competition is taking place

Sports & Entertainment

IBM Enters the E-sports Arena

While video games have always been popular amongst younger generations, it’s also become big business. Prior to COVID-19, it was not uncommon for arenas around the world to be packed with people watching professional gamers battle for supremacy on the game of their choice. The best players in the world are able to make a fantastic living as gamers, and where there’s money to be made you can be sure there are large corporations looking… Read More

Banknotes in different international currencies representing a currency exchange scam


CRA Investigating Possible Currency Exchange Scam

A recent investigative report by the Toronto Star alleges that two former Toronto Maple Leaf players, Darcy Tucker and Shayne Corson, were involved in a foreign currency trading scheme that was designed to defraud the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The story looks at how the scheme worked, and why the CRA says it was a scam. What is the Foreign Exchange Market? The foreign exchange market (the “Forex”) is a legitimate… Read More