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Canada Loosens Border Restrictions

Winter may be over, which means it’s too late to escape south for the coldest months of the year, but an announcement that the Canadian government has loosened travel restrictions for travelers entering Canada means that people who share living or working time on both sides of the border may be able to once again resume life as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to take a moment today to share how travel… Read More


One Year Anniversary Of Border Closure Nears

It has been nearly one year since the US/Canadian border became largely closed for all but essential travel. Travel restrictions have not only impacted tourism, but they have also caused two of Canada’s sports teams to temporarily relocate over the past year, and have had an impact on all types of businesses. At Feigenbaum Law we wanted to take a moment to update our readers on where border travel stands today. Entering Canada It… Read More

A Florida beach representing Canadian snowbirds heading south for the winter

Cross-Border Tax Issues

Travel Opportunities for Canadians Looking to Escape Cold Winter Weather

Every year, thousands of Canadians head south to the United States for the winter. For some, it’s a way of enjoying their retirement and avoiding harsh Canadian winters by soaking up the sun in southern states such as Florida or Arizona. Even for those not yet ready for retirement, but who are able to work remotely, working out of a southern destination can be an appealing idea. Of course, COVID-19 has put a wrench in… Read More

A neon fingerprint, representing a pause on the requirement for biometrics for those applying for immigration status within Canada


Updates on Immigrating to Canada & COVID-19

While COVID-19 shut down most of the processes for immigrating to, visiting, or staying in Canada, things are slowly starting to turn around. Over the last few weeks, important updates have been made in relation to online applications, applications for renewals, and biometrics. Online Application Process Re-Opens As of this month, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced it is resuming the processing of applications for visitor visas (including transit visas) and electronic travel… Read More