A Reminder Cryptocurrency Earnings Are Required At Tax Time

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines once again as the price of Bitcoin continues to set new highs despite occasional dips in value. A story published on Yahoo Finance stated that Bitcoin’s dip below $50,000 (USD) was a massive drop from where it had been sitting at around the $58,000 mark. That said, the most popular cryptocurrency is still up significantly over the last year. As tax season approaches, people… Read More


One Year Anniversary Of Border Closure Nears

It has been nearly one year since the US/Canadian border became largely closed for all but essential travel. Travel restrictions have not only impacted tourism, but they have also caused two of Canada’s sports teams to temporarily relocate over the past year, and have had an impact on all types of businesses. At Feigenbaum Law we wanted to take a moment to update our readers on where border travel stands today. Entering Canada It… Read More

Cross-Border Tax Issues

Taxpayer Wins Appeal Following Penalties Imposed on TFSA

For people living on both sides of the border, managing money can come with additional complexity that doesn’t apply to those who don’t travel back and forth between residences in Canada and the United States. Tax-Free Savings Accounts are a tool most people can use to save money and avoid tax on the interest generated by their savings. However, if you aren’t a resident of Canada, you aren’t allowed to contribute to an existing TFSA… Read More

Personal Tax Planning

Taxpayer Wins Appeal In Claiming Costs For Traveling Between Home Office And Employer’s Office

One of the most noticeable impacts COVID-19 has had on Canadian workplaces is a movement towards working from home. At the beginning of the pandemic most people who were not deemed essential workers were forced to work from home. Many people are still not back in their offices, and if they are, may only be working from the office on a part-time basis. A recent decision from the Tax Court of… Read More

Personal Tax Planning

COVID-19 Tax Implications in the United States

The turn of a new year means that tax season is not far away. In the United States, the tax filing deadline is not until April 15, 2021. But with COVID-19 having been a part of our lives through much of 2020, there have been significant considerations introduced to taxes this year. In this week’s blog, we want to share some of these new developments in US tax well ahead of when taxes are actually… Read More