Athlete Health Insurance Fraud

Business Management

Former NBA Athletes Charged Following Fraud Investigation

One of the most challenging aspects of being a professional athlete is managing money. At Feigenbaum Law, we offer a wide range of services to clients in sports and entertainment, including those related to contract reviews, tax planning, and more. Many athletes only have a short window of time to compete in the major sporting leagues. However, those lucky enough to make it that far… Read More

Corporate Tax Planning

What Does The American Families Plan Mean For Canadians?

Winter is approaching, and for many Canadians, there is hope that they might again be able to escape the Canadian cold and head to the southern United States to enjoy some sun in the depths of winter. In the time that Canadians have largely been unable to travel to the United States the country has experienced a transition in its presidency. Joe Biden, who was elected in 2020 is looking to implement many new laws,… Read More

Business Expansion to the U.S.

Directors of Companies With Canadian And American Offices Need To Be Mindful Of Tax Obligations

The border between the United States and Canada may be extremely long, but it’s also extremely fluid in terms of how many physical goods pass through it each day. In addition, many businesses operate on both sides of the border, sometimes having separate corporations in each country. For example, Canadian employees of an American employer may receive paycheques from a Canadian version of the company. A recent decision from the Tax Court… Read More

Tax Disputes & Litigation

An Informally Run Money Lending Operation Has Difficulty Proving Its A Business For Tax Deduction Purposes

One of the benefits of being successful in business is having the extra income to invest money that you’ve made into other areas. In a recent decision issued by the Tax Court of Canada, a successful business person used the profits from his business to offer interest-bearing loans to third parties. When two of his borrows defaulted on his loans, he sought to deduct his losses as business losses. However, the Minister… Read More

Players in a SEC NCAA football game representing the compensation of student athletes


COVID-19 Protocols In Place As Major League Sports Resume

As Autumn gets underway, it signifies a return to most professional sports. The NFL had its season kickoff yesterday, and the NHL and NBA will be back up and running in October. Of course, college football kicked off last week and Major League Baseball is nearing the conclusion of the 2021 season. Last year saw a huge shift in how professional sports are played and viewed, with many leagues operating without fans, and athletes/staff being… Read More