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Extended US Tax Filing Deadline for Non-Residents

If you are an American citizen or green card holder living and working in Canada, did you remember to file your US tax returns? Every American person needs to file a return on their worldwide income, even if they haven’t lived in the United States for years. If you didn’t file a return, or perhaps missed the April 18 US tax filing deadline, don’t panic: you may qualify for an automatic two month extended deadline… Read More

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Tax Planning for Professional Athletes

Professional sports is a global industry, and many professional athletes in North America will spend time in both Canada and the United States at some point in their careers. Regardless of their home team, athletes travel throughout Canada and the United States for training camps and road games. Professional athletes traveling between Canada and the United States With any amount of cross-border travel, tax planning issues can arise. For professional athletes, many of whom… Read More


Personal Tax Planning

Tax Information for Non-Residents Selling Canadian Property

If you are a non-resident individual or corporation that owns Canadian property, take note of these extra legal hurdles before you decide to sell your property. Canadian tax legislation requires that any purchaser of property from a non-resident can be liable for taxes if they are unpaid. In many cases, to protect against this potential liability, 25% of the sale price will be withheld by the purchaser’s lawyers until the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) confirms… Read More

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Corporate Tax Planning

Border Tax Will Hurt Businesses in Both Countries

In February, we discussed the US administration’s unclear stance on the Canadian-US trade relationship, and potential renegotiation of NAFTA. NAFTA renegotiation¬†initiated Last week, the US Congress received a list of priorities that the administration wished to raise, beginning the process of renegotiating NAFTA. While the tone may be somewhat less antagonistic than on the campaign trail, there are still several issues that could be of concern to Canadian companies with US exports and operations. Read More

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Case Summary – Foreign Tax Credits for Canadian Residents

In a decision released late last year, the Tax Court of Canada confirmed that foreign tax credits may only be deducted for amounts that were actually paid to foreign governments. The Canada-US tax treaty and foreign tax credits The Canada-US tax treaty is intended to prevent double taxation when someone files tax returns in both countries. When a US citizen earns pension income from a US-based source, the treaty allows the US federal… Read More